Client Comments

Patient Margaret - 20th June 2018

Having previously had Voluma to target the jaw area at the practice and being extremely happy with the results, I decided to go for Volite which targets the neck area. I must say that I am delighted with the result. My neck looks smoother and more youthful one week after the treatment. John is always very professional and offers first class advice. The procedure is relatively painless and any redness or swelling goes down very quickly. The area looks fresher all round!I am always delighted with my treatments with John as I look naturally enhanced and not at all fake. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Kind regards Margaret

Patient Lauren - 6th June 2018

I had already been to John for Botox so wasn't nervous at all to get fillers in my smile lines and chin. He again explained the whole procedure and what would be happening in detail throughout the whole process. Afterwards I had no bruising or any sign of work being done ( i bruise very easily normally so i'm surprised). The change is noticeable to me but subtle enough i don't look like i'v had anything done. I feel like i look rejuvenated and i'm so pleased with that, its exactly what I wanted. The assistant was also brilliant enough to look after my son while I was in and he has spoken about her constantly since. All round amazing experience and service, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Patient Lauren - 21st May 2018

I recently received Botox from John, it was my first time so was extremely nervous. From the minute I walked in the practice I was totally put at ease. The receptionist/assistant was lovely and very friendly as was John. He explained everything to me and the various options I had. Was quick painless and very well priced. I have had no bruising or side effects and just love the results. I’m now booked in for fillers and feel confident I will be equally as happy. Highly recommend.

Patient Elaine - 24th April 2018

Have been getting Botox for a few years elsewhere and am now very impressed with the service here from John. The first visit left me feeling very fresh and wrinkle free. I had an excellent result for my crows feet which has never really worked properly elsewhere. Many thanks.

Patient Jules - 2nd May 2017

Hi, John.  It has been 3 months now since I had the, PDO Facial Threading on the, jaw area and, true to what you said. I have started to see the results!.  My skin is looking firmer and I feel I have a dewy glow. My skin feels plumper and  I am looking forward to the next few months to see what is to come.  I would be happy to recommend this to anyone wanting to try and get more out of their facials than just the fillers alone. Just wish I’d let you talk me into the eye area now, lol.  

Patient Steph - 1st May 2017

I would always go back to this provider as he always takes time to look at what I am worried about and gets good results every time. Not surprised he's Scotland's 2017 Finalist. Its always worth the trip out to Dumbarton as its an easy and quick place to get to IMO. I have been getting botox and fillers for years now and the prices here have always been acceptable to me. Cheap places to me are you get what you pay for. Dont scrimp on it its your face!!

Patient Gary - 29th August 2016

I am very pleased with the results of my fillers. Firstly I chose to go to Dr John Wright as he is a qualified medical professional and I found that very reassuring as this was the first time having any treatment done. Upon going to John's clinic it was a very friendly, clean and  a professional environment and I was made to feel at ease. The treatment itself was great. I had fillers injected to smooth out a bump on my nose and there was no discomfort felt at all and no bruising after the treatment. It worked great and smoothed out the imperfection just as I hoped it would.

I would highly recommend John's clinic and will  definitely return again.

Thanks very much John. 

Patient Linda - 16th March 2016

This is the best place to go to get your botox and so on. Makes you feel very at home. Will defo be going there from now on. Its the second day you see the results. Best place I have been and would recommend it to anyone.

Patient Karine - 10th March 2016

Hi there. I got botox a few weeks ago. My husband bought me a voucher for the botox. Anyway just wanted to say that I'm really pleased with the result! Thank you.

Patient Amanda - 21st October 2015

Hey Dr Wright just to let you know that my botox has kicked in and I'm really pleased with the results, its looking great. Thanks again and I'll book in again when it's worn off.

Patient David - 13th October 2015

Hi John, Im so happy with my results!! I've had so many complements!! I'll definitely be visiting for further appointments!!

Patient Angela - 2nd September 2015

I love my result just after 12 hours I'm thinking Jan again for me. I love it, my daughter has noticed and so did her boyfriend. Only if Dr Wright did LIPO I would be up for that at any time.

Patient Jim - 30th March 2013
Just a wee note to say once again I am very happy with the results following my recent Botox treatment carried out by yourself, and the excellent friendly atmosphere 
Will contact your goodself for another treatment in a few months.

Also on 20th February 2012 he wrote:

I had recent Botox treatment from Wrinkle Wright ( my second ) and again I was delighted with the results. In addition the friendly atmosphere during the appointment was first class.

Patient Mark - 1st February 2012

I have been using the service for a while now and would highly recommend it. I was made to feel very comfortable and completely at ease each time I booked in for an appointment, besides that the results were also great and I am very happy with things so far. Filler and botox treatment is also very competitively priced and I feel that the service is great value for money whilst being highly professional and friendly at the same time. Definitely highly recommended!! Keep up the good work.

Patient Jacqui - 8th September 2011

I have been a customer of john for 2 years now and would highly recommend him for anyone who prefers the more personal approach. I have just been again for a top up and as always, john's care and attention were second to none. If you prefer to go to a surgery where you are just another number then this is not the place to go. I have been to other places, but will not be going anywhere but John's clinic from now on. Thanks again John, love the results!

Patient Shirley - 5th April 2011

I am a natural health practitioner, and have been a client of Dr John Wright during the last year, for regular botox and fillers.  I have had experience of receiving these treatments over the last 5 years, both in England and Scotland, at several different clinics, and at a botox party in Edinburgh.

I would like to unreservedly say that I can thoroughly recommend Dr Wright for his professionalism, years of experience in giving injections, and the time and care he takes at each appointment.  I am particularly impressed by Dr Wright’s keen interest in the latest developments and research into anti-aging injectibles.

Prior to starting treatment with Dr Wright, I found that his charges were by far the most reasonable. – This aspect is very important as we need regular maintenance!  Even thought I spend a great deal of time in England, I always make my appointments in Scotland at Dr Wright’s Glasgow or Edinburgh clinics, even if it means travelling up for the day.

Patient Catriona - 10th April 2011

Friendly, professional service very happy with the results.



Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Patient Jacqui - 17 Dec 2009

I would highly recommend this service to anyone. I have been for botox a few times over the past few years, using the bigger companies. I thought this year I would try and cut back on the cost and hence tried WrinkleWright. I was very impressed by the professionalism and care shown when receiving this treatment. After my first treatment I even booked in to return for some fillers. I had been reluctant in the past to try fillers, but Dr John Wright really did reassure me and put my mind at ease by the care and attention shown on my first visit. I am thrilled with the results after both the botox and filler and would highly recommend this excellent one-to-one and friendly service to anyone considering treatment. I will definitely be using Dr John Wright again for any future treatments.



Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Patient Nancy - 16 Apr 2010
Very pleased with result and noticed an immediate improvement that evening. Very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Great prices too.. Would certainly recommend to anyone. Posted by Nancy 3rd March 2010.


Cannot Recommend the Service Enough‎‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Patient Jane - 28 Apr 2010

Been coming to Dr Wright for over 2 years now and cannot recommend the service enough. The professionalism and care shown is second to none - having used some well know practitioners in the past!! the difference is staggering!!! Dr Wright puts you at ease, answers all your questions and is friendly and courteous throughout the procedure: there is nothing to worry about. I will be continuing to use Dr Wright and Posted by Jane 28th April 2010


Despite Being Nervous I Was Reassured...‎‎...‎‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Patient David - 29 Apr 2010
First time I've had botox. All went well with a really successful result especially the crow's feet. Cheap too and I'll be back for more! Thank you. - Posted by David Mack.. 27.4.2010‎


Have had botox before several times

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Patient James - 29 Apr 2010
Highly recommend this practitioner in every way as I feel very relaxed in his care. Posted by James 29th April 2010


More than satisfied...

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Patient Carolyn - 10 Sep 2010
More than satisfied with the result. More natural looking than previous botox I have had. With additional fillers this enhanced it and gave me the natural look I wanted to achieve. Posted by Carolyn 10th September 2010

Better than Harley Street!

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Patient Clare - 18 Sep 2010
In the past I have had botox treatment from many different doctors, including a renowned Harley Street surgeon. My treatment with Dr Wright was more professional and also significantly cheaper than any other service I have used. I would highly recommend Dr Wright for botox treatment. Posted by Clare 18th September 2010



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